Our Story

The story of Rune:

3.8 billion years ago rock solidified its existence on this planet. The igneous base which we walk on would serve as the canvas for the future with stones becoming the sculptor. Year after year smashing and grinding against each others’ surface, these stones would imprint their stories at every possible opportunity. The most beautiful stories, including our story, became the natural wonder of “The Arch”.

Our journey to become gods among mortals seemed to be something more of a destiny. It was as though we had already existed for thousands of years. Unbeknownst to us, we all lived our lives chained to a prophecy fuelled by magic and rock deep within.

Pearl Meredith was brought into this world from an aquatic place deeper than the voice of James Earl Jones. Spawned into a decaying Atlantis, a world facing the mistress of demise, there was no choice but to transition into the world of the land-lubbers. Keeping her given aquatic name, she persisted to entrance those around her with her voice. It is rumored that she is a descendant of Aphrodite, as many men and women have been drawn to her enchanting voice – only to crumble in peril shortly after. Stricken with solitude, she knew that she must venture further to discover those that could help her focus her enchantment on improving the world around her.

Most people will tell you that not much exists in the Arctic Circle. Pearl assumed this as well. At least until she encountered Brayden Poole. Born into hyperborean darkness, the only solace available was the pack of arctic wolves who taught him how to battle the elements and survive as a pack, and most importantly – as a lone wolf. As tribes foreign to this land encroached it was clear that he must begin a new path, a path with Pearl. Armed with his guitar, a weapon heavy enough to slay a giant yet elegant enough to impregnate the soul, he travelled south in search of others who shared his passion for venture. After following the current and the winds, Brayden and Pearl’s journey was far from complete. A third member would soon join their odyssey.

The excitement of the journey could not outweigh the realities of choosing such a path. Getting gigs was difficult for Brayden and Pearl. The duo ended up opening for Raffi during his “Aloha Hawaii” tour. As they played the ground began to shake and become porous, causing rays of warmth to envelop the crowds. As Brayden and Pearl looked to their left, a near-by volcano erupted with a grand glow. The lava flowed intently towards the ocean, painting it’s surface with pumice. Emerging from the basalt was Carson Thompson, who is rumored to be the outcome of what should have been a classic “Who’s the Father?” episode of Maury with Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, and Pachelbel.

Together the three formed “Mother Village”, and proceeded to share the gift of rock to all who would listen (although not many would). The world was stuck in it’s ways of auto-tune and pop music. It seemed as though rock was lost amongst the sands of time. Disgruntled and upset by the music of the world, the trio traveled to a far-away land to find themselves.

As they arrived in China, they were guided towards the “Yellow Mountains”, a destination suggested by travelers who had since past. For those of you who don’t know about the Yellow Mountains, this is not an easy journey. Once you get to a certain point, there is merely a couple of two-by-fours on the side of a cliff. There are no fancy railings, only a metal chain for you to prevent you from falling thousands of feet to your inevitable death. Because of the dangers involved, the band decided it would be a good idea to consume DMT to complete this treacherous stretch of mountain.

What they saw for the remainder of this journey – well, let’s just say that if the directors of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Spirited Away” did a ton of acid and then came up with a new movie, the result would be a fraction of how fucked up they were. As they faced the final turn in their mountainous quest, a pack of wildebeests came storming down the mountain heading right for them! Their hooves rumbled and roared with effervescent flare. With each step compounded into a rhythmic beat like no other and the wildebeests ran straight through the band, moving through them as if they were holograms.

At this point their minds were full of wonder, astonishment, and dismay. As they came to, a natural wonder appeared in front of them. It was the Bridge of Immortals. Created by mystery and beauty it formed an arch between two vast cliff faces – it was merely four boulders held tightly together. Collectively there was an underlying tone of “what could this mean?”. All of the sudden a large bolt of lightning struck the ground at their feet. What followed was a gift from the gods. Amidst a continued storm of thunder and lightning, Dan Beavington arose.

Together they stood, facing a structure that meant more to them than it does now to anyone else. No one needed to speak to know what would happen next, it was already determined for them. Mother Village became Rune. With a fiery passion for rock they would journey further East, as far as they could go playing as many gigs as possible to spread their word.

When travelling you can only last so long on land before reaching water, for the journey to continue you must be prepared for such surprises. With Pearl’s guidance, the group was able to comfortably step off the mainland. With each passing breath of mother nature they would float closer and closer to another opportunity. Alas, more land. Populated land, endowed with opportunity. As they trailed through the shore they stumbled upon a sign which read, “If you wish to control others you must first control yourself. – Miyamoto Musashi”. That name was familiar enough for them to know that they were now in Japan.

As they sought shelter, they began to hear a nearby rustling with every few steps. Someone had to be watching. As a few more steps passed a tall figure jumped out from the bushes. He stood there fixated on the four of them. Rune had seen this style of clothing before, they knew that the person who stood before them was a Samurai. His eyes were filled with wisdom, you could tell that this was a multi-talented and disciplined warrior. As he surveyed the band he eventually broke silence, “Drums, guitar, piano, and I’m assuming a voice. 4 is an insignificant number. It lacks virtue.”.

Rune replied, “We do not know what the future holds, we only know our passion and believe that it can take us on a meaningful journey.”.

The Samurai threw aside his katana and pulled out an axe unlike anything they had seen before. This axe represented more like a musical instrument with a long and slender neck. The Samurai began carving into his axe with a delicate lustfulness. Booming vibrations and soulful rhythms enchanted the ground and the air between them. The Samurai looked up and said intently, “I am Connor Hoy and this is my weapon of choice, I am prepared to join you on your meaningful journey should you accept me.”.

With a nod of agreement an unspoken bond was formed buried deep within the sands of time. Rune was complete and prepared for battle. The only thing that lay ahead was the path.