The Live Agency + Live Acts presents:

one sexy chokehold (Vancouver) //

Rock n Roll de jour. From our souls to yours.

Quantum Council (Vancouver) //

Since forming in the year 2014, QC has incorporated their fascination with the cosmos into their music. Mirroring the endless possibilities of the universe, we have taken great pride in reflecting this in our sound. With songs like “Red Secret” about Mars in the future, and our flagship “The Stars are Stepping Stones,” QC has curated an experience for the senses and imagination. Seamlessly blending rock and roll, hip hop, world music, and elements of electronic dance music, the Quantum Council stands tall on their mandate to create new and exciting forms of music with a science fiction twist. Their song “Carl Sagan” is a tribute to the world-class astronomer who taught people worldwide so much about the universe around us. QC is always striving to uphold their unique sound, resulting in this five person band from Vancouver pioneering the “Progressive Groove” category!

Rune (Vancouver) //

Forging the passion of five musicians to create soul-transcending harmonies that echo the thunder of the Gods, the whispers of wraiths, and the tears of fallen angels; we are Rune.

Strathcona (Vancouver) //

Vancouver based riff rock/alt. 3 piece band.

Doors: 9PM// 19+

RAILWAY STAGE & BEER CAFÉ 579 Dunsmuir Street

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